How Do I Set Up an Appointment?

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What Type of Payment is Accepted?

All payments are due upon confirmation of your appointment. I will email you a credit card payment authorization form or Venmo request. No personal checks are accepted. 

Are sessions in person or online?

Sessions can be held in person or online.  In-person are limited and take place in my office in Rocklin, CA.  Online appointments allows you to work with me on your time schedule and location and I will email you a telehealth link before your session.  All appointments are scheduled on Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Can I reschedule appointments and what is the refund policy?

Yes, you may reschedule an appointment when you provide 24hrs notice.  There are no refunds available.    Appointments are reserved especially for you and work on my end is done on your behalf prior to all appointments, therefore if you miss an appointment without a 24 hrs cancelation you will be charged for your full appointment without an opportunity to reschedule. 

How many appointments should I schedule at a time?

This is up to you and your area of interest.  Appointments can vary per experience and some topics/questions may take more time to explore.  Typically, 1-3 questions or areas of interest can be explored in each session.  If questions are multiple layered, it may be more of an investment to purchase a package than an individual session.  You get to pick and determine how many sessions you would like and at what frequency.  It is recommended to give at least 2 weeks between sessions.

What Should I do to Prepare Before My Session?

 It is important that you don’t consume any alcohol or use any drugs at least 24hrs prior to your reading.  No alcohol or drugs are allowed to be consumed during your reading and your appointment will be canceled if there is a hindrance due to substance use.  Drink water and eat a meal prior to your session as this will help you stay grounded.  Have 1-3 questions or areas of interest that you would like to explore within your reading.  I will ask you for your intentions of the reading.  It’s helpful to have a notebook and pen for any notes or questions you may have during the reading.  Trust the process and have fun with the experience.  It is normal to feel anxious and excited.

Is there an age requirement ?

Yes, you must be 18 years or older.  I do not work with children even with parental consent. 

What is the confidentiality agreement?

I will always ask for your verbal permission to access your Akashic Records each session. You have the right to decide what you would like to ask or explore in your records.  The Record Keepers will only provide information to me about you that is in for your highest good in this lifetime.  No information will be provided to you by the Record Keepers that will harm you.  The information discussed in your session will remain private and I do not share any of your personal information given and discussed in your session

Is Reiki or Akashic Records a religion?

No, there is no religious belief attached to the energy work I conduct.  You are welcome to bring in your own religious and/or spiritual beliefs to any session.  All sessions are conducted in the energy of love and light and are only for the purpose of support, healing and understanding.  

How long is an appointment?

Appointments are 60 minutes, unless we have determined a different time frame.  All appointments are scheduled on Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Why get an Akashic Records Reading?

Learning to trust yourself and your own feelings can greatly increase and expand after entering your records.  Working in the Akashic Records creates a safe space for personal shift and change as you explore the journey of this life within the divine knowing of your soul.

When you want to improve relationships and look at having a deeper and more meaningful life.  When you want to explore what core beliefs, limiting beliefs, soul contracts or vows may be interfering with your purpose or relationships.  When you see patterns in your life you want to explore and understand what they serve. 

Here are two questions to explore when you are looking to booking an Akashic Record reading.

  1. What do I want to know more about in my life…..?
  2. What do I want/need to let go of…..?

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