Akashic Records: The Record of Your Soul

The Akashic Records is a vast library, that holds sacred information for every soul and is beyond our limited human understanding.

Akashic Records are the living library of your soul lives in which ALL (lifetimes, events, relationships,  conversations, karmic debts, contracts, core beliefs, energetic vibration, etc ) are recorded and held through all dimensions, planes, and times.  The moment your soul extends its existence from Source, and until it returns to Source, a record is kept of every thought, word, and action, and this alive in the Akashic Records, is information which all are able to access with guidance from Record Keepers, Ascended Masters, Angels, and Teachers; all beings of the highest light that follow you from life to life to help you know and deepened yourself, relationships, goals, and purpose.  Akashic Records is infinite wellness of sacred information about your soul, karmic path, lessons that you have learned and will learn, your purpose, gifts, talents, past present, parallel, and future existences. 

When you access your records, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself in this present life and others around you, and your role as a community member of your world.  With permission, when you allow a trained and experienced practitioner to enter your Akashic Record or teach you how to access them on your own, you give yourself the gift of understanding, awareness, and healing. 

akashic records

Why you should get an Akashic Records Readings:

  • When you have random, unexplained fears such as fear of water, heights, flying, abandonment, heights, animals, crowds and traditional talk therapy does not find the root or reason for these fears; these might be fears from an experience from other life
  • When you find you are attracting the same patterns, situations, or relationships.
  • When you find you are dating the same type of person ie: a cheater, abusive partner, addict.
  • When you experience major challenges in your relationships such as with a parent, child, siblings, extended family member, in-laws, or employers, and can’t seem to find a “logical” resolution. This could indicate a past life karma contract.
  • Random, unexplained physical issues, random pains that have no explanation from medical professionals such as heart flutters, headaches, body aches, digestive issues
  • Issues around money, feelings of lack or sacristy, feeling as if money is bad or evil, unworthy of being rich or having wealth.
  • When you have a belief that work must be hard to be successful and other limiting beliefs.
  • When you have reached a block in your goals or manifesting, feeling stuck even though you are doing everything healthy you can. When you feel you are not growing or involving
  • When you have religious beliefs that stop you from doing things or separate you from others
  • When you have an extreme aversion to things, people, times, historical time periods, objects or feel as if you can’t travel
  • When you feel separated from God, Source, Higher Being, the Universe, Nature.
  • When you question “What happens after death?”
  • When you have a feeling there is “more” beyond this life, your human body, but don’t know where to start to find “more”.

By becoming comfortable with truth and trust within your own Records, you create the possibility of being able to hear and to receive truth and act within trust outside of the Akashic Records.

Why you should work with me:

I believe in you and your soul and I would love to help you deepen your relationship with yourself.  I am trained in California as an LMFT and EMDR and Marriage/Relationship Therapist expert and I have experienced that sometimes it’s important to go deeper and ask the question behind the “traditional talk therapy” question to see results such as peace, awareness, understanding, forgiveness, grace, and love.  As your Akashic Records guide, I will not be your therapist, but I have extensive knowledge and experience from my many roles in life.  It is no accident you stumbled upon my website, trust that you have been guided and if you are nudged to work with me, I am here!

I am trained in Level 1 and training in Level 2 and Level 3 Soul Journeys Method for Akashic Records.  In level 1 I have learned and practiced to re-awaken my soul and am open to the infinite possibilities within the Akashic Records. I have learned how to access my own records and those of others to support love, grace, light, awareness, and healing. 

A typical session would look like this :

  • Brief explanation of the Akashic Records and answer any questions about the process and records
  • Review your intention and questions for the reading
  • Ask for your permission to enter your records
  • Provide a brief mediation for protection and grounding
  • Conduct opening prayer
  • Connect with your record keepers
  • Provide information about your questions
  • Check in to see if your intentions are being addressed and reframe questions or continue to gather information from your record keepers
  • Conduct any healings needed within your records
  • Process experience with you
  • Close records
  • Provide any additional follow up

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Listen to a Podcast interview with me

Megan Paterson - Therapy, Akashic Records, Developing Intuition and Trust

Megan and I met through our Akashic Records training this summer. Megan is a therapist, coach, and energy healer. 

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Why therapy is important for healing, EMDR, couple’s therapy
  • Megan’s journey i connecting with and expanding her intuition
  • Energy management and boundaries as healers
  • Tapping into possibility and the power of play
  • What it means to love yourself first

Sessions with a therapeutic coach such as myself will enable you to connect with yourself more fully and will empower you with solutions to help you feel better. This solution-focused approach supports your emotional wellbeing, helps to relieve stress and anxiety, increases your confidence and self-esteem, and allows you to experience positive change

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