Alcohol Coaching

Beginnings of substance use recovery can be tough, and the strength of one’s support network plays a crucial role in long-term success. While support from A.A. sponsors, sober friends, and outpatient services can be helpful, sometimes an Alcohol Coach can make all the difference. An Alcohol Coach provides guidance, support, and an extra level of protection to prevent relapse.

How can an Alcohol Coach aid recovery?

An Alcohol Coach is different from a sober companion. Sober companions stay with the client as a roommate, while an Alcohol Coach provides scheduled visits to help in various ways while still ensuring the client has privacy.

The primary objective of an Alcohol Coach is to help clients create a new sober lifestyle by assisting them in implementing an action plan. The Alcohol Coach becomes an advocate for the client as they navigate the uncertainties of early recovery.

The Alcohol Coach provides a wide range of services, including helping the client establish new routines, encouraging positive habits like healthy eating and restful sleep, improving family dynamics, and transporting the client to ongoing therapy and other recovery services.

What the coaching would look like

Helps the individual establish new routines: It takes time to start life anew after completing treatment. I can help encourage a healthy diet, a regular sleep schedule and other positive habits.

Works to improve family dynamics: Family members may not be aware of dysfunctional tendencies, such as codependency.  I am a licensed Therapist and can assists the family in creating a healthier dynamic.

In addition, the coaching provides encouragement and support as you reach for new life goals.

If you’re looking for extra support in your substance use recovery journey, an Alcohol Coach might be the answer you need to help you stay sober and live a healthy, fulfilling life.


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